Profit 44 Billions USD - 4,5 Billions Users

Will an investor be found?

I'm looking for an investor for my project - Cryptocurrency for those who do not need bitcoin to confidentiality of the transactions.

What does Cryptocurrency solve? - Use of local resources, new employment opportunities, the creation of new brands that will not have to face global competition immediately, new product types, poverty and population explosion reduction, more equal distribution of income among residents, solution of the negative impacts of globalization in the less successful regions, reduce the onslaught of immigrants to prosperous cities and countries, encourage the return to the regions with lower population, the revival of agriculture, fruit growing, gastronomy, crafts, food, alternative energy, light industry, transport in regions, the construction of infrastructure can attract tourists, the possibility of economic experiments in the regions and their scientific investigation and assessment. In the economy, in contrast to the natural sciences, is in the fact even not possible to experiment.

How does Cryptocurrency solve it? - The use of local resources is the key to increasing income. Only a Cryptocurrency (but with different rules like bitcoin or FB Libra) can keep the money as long as possible in the village, district, republic. Local resources are not just agricultural products and manpower. Today it is also tourism, energetics, 3D printers, robots ... I know what to do and I know how to do it.

How does it work? - The Cryptocurrency has several characteristics different from other cryptocurrencies and will be attractive for user.

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Jozef Stasik

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